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Once you have your data and have written your essay, here are a few simple steps to submit your charts.

  1. Create your charts. You can use any data visualisation tool where the public can access the underlying data. The main thing this excludes is charts that are merely pictures (JPEG or PNG files) taken from e.g. Excel or Stata. There are lots of good options to choose from, in general there is a tradeoff between complexity and ease of use:

    • Nugget. We have built a simple visualisation tool called nugget which uses plotly. Here you can simple paste in data and your interactive chart will appear. Log in and use the ‘create’ tool to curate your charts.   

    •  Built using the python and Django, plotly is a very popular visualisation tool. It has an extensive library of charts, perfect for more complex data.

    • Vega and Vega lite. Vega is another popular grammar for charts. It’s the best option if you want a high level of customisation.

    • Datawrapper User-friendly interface. ‘River’ is a useful place to find chart inspiration and ideas.

  2. Post your chart. Once you’ve designed your chart, click ‘post’ and it will appear on the ‘stream’. Click on the chart to obtain your unique URL – you will need this to embed into your essay.

  3. Repeat step 1 & 2 for all your charts.

  4. Create a medium account. > ‘sign up’

  5. Write/ paste in your essay. On your profile click ‘ new story’. Write your essay into the editor.

  6. Embed your charts. Paste the URL for your charts into the editor, press enter and the chart will appear.

  7. Publish your essay. Once you’re happy with the final look of your essay, click ‘publish’.

  8. Tag your essay. tag ‘playfairprize’ and the name of your university e.g. ‘UCL’

  9. Submit your essay to the Playfair Prize. Fill in the form below with your name, email, university, and URL link to your medium essay.

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